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USA Jobs


USA Jobs Search is a fantasy

Jobs in the USA is really a great dream and a fantasy to many people all over the world. USA is a magnet which attracts everyone. People want to work in USA considering it is very prestigious to stay in this great nation, in reality, the pay is also very high. They come to Trump’s nation and try to settle here contradictorily the rules of America are very strict. One day they have to leave this nation and settle in their native place. The craze for the USA is very high therefore all the roads lead to this dreamland.

Trump’s Focus on American Citizens

When Trump came to power he focused only on the American citizens and the talented people of other countries who can work welfare for the USA. Hence he sent many people from America to help their natives to get the jobs. He also regulated strict visa procedures, therefore, it has made difficult to enter the USA. In order that Trump sorted out many jobs and sent many non-natives which created jobs to the Americans. He also welcomed the business and commerce in America so the finance deals improved a lot.

Obama Administration Decreased Unemployment

During the time of the Obama administration, the unemployment rate decreased, because, some people were in the labor force. The labor participation rate continuously reduced as people gave up searching for a job due to poor economic conditions. In view of the official unemployment rate, if you have not searched a job in the past 30 days, the BLS weighs you out of the labor force.

Consequently, the declining unemployment rate during the Obama years was in a great part and a reflection of the declining percentage of people actively looking for work. What we really want to see is a declining unemployment rate with a higher percentage of people working or actively looking for work which indicates a strong and growing economy.

USA Jobs Labor Market Strength

The indicator of labor market strength than the official unemployment rate (U-3, shows all the other indications on this thread ) therefore BLS calls the U-6 unemployment rate, a broader calculation. It measures people as unemployed for a year after they give up their job search, rather than just 30 days, and discounts the importance of part-time jobs by counting people as unemployed who are working part-time because they are unable to find full-time jobs.

At the scale of 8.3 percent, this measure dropped more than a percentage point from the time since Trump entered the office. In October of 2017, it is at the lowest level since June 2007, six months before the recession began. Again, that is very positive economic news.

Bureau of Labor Statistics for USA Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present, there are 50,800 coal mining jobs in the United States of America. Only 800 of them have been added since January since Trump took office. It’s likely Trump was referring to the larger mining and logging sector, which now claims about 715,000 jobs — up from 673,000 in January, according to the BLS. That statistics represents an increase of 42,000 jobs, which is near to Trump’s estimate, though it includes more than just mining jobs.

Trump’s Deregulation Efforts

As a matter of fact, this growth is due to Trump’s deregulation efforts making less expensive and less burdensome for companies to grow business and create jobs here. Anyhow the passage of the Republican tax reform package last December, which was modeled on the Reagan tax cuts of the ‘80s and the Kennedy tax cuts and tax reform of the 60s, resulted in unprecedented economic and job growth.

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