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Sensex Tactics of USA Unsupported to India


It is clearly visible that the USA president Trump ignored India. However, Trump and many of his senior aides were engaged with a high summit and high stake with North Korea. It was the most serious fight between the South Asian nuclear-armed rivals in decades. The Trump administration as a superpower only tried to benefit itself. It did not take any interest at the time of Pulwama attack. As a dumb spectator, America It did not seek to negotiate the standoff. The Sensex tactics of USA is always unsupported to India. Like the Sensex increases and decreases the crocodile tears of USA towards India.

In 1999 India and Pakistan are at the brink of war. President Bill Clinton paddled into the crisis with personal diplomacy, forceful letters, and stern warnings. He threatened tough economic action against Islamabad. Later the tensions between both the countries escalated as usual.

At the climax of the crisis last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, national security adviser John Bolton and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford called their counterparts in Islamabad and New Delhi, which were important but not so serious” For the first time in over 20 years, Washington was not an active player in trying to calm down an Indo-Pakistani trial,” said Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer who worked on the National Security Council under Clinton. “The president didn’t speak to the protagonists.” Administration officials rejected the criticism, saying the United States was one of the first governments to condemn the suicide attack last month that killed 40 Indian troops — triggering the crisis — and frequently appealed to both sides to calm down the battle. Pompeo executed an important role in the de-escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan.

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