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Here are the top latest technology trends for 2019 1. Internet of Things ( IoT) Transformed to BIoT The Internet of Things, for short “IoT”. It is about increasing the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things. The connected devices are used to gather information, send information […]
A career in the USA is hanging down day by day. Trump assumed at least 180,000 new jobs last month of February. The expectations dwindled because every day unemployment is growing drastically. Ian Shepherdson, chief economist Pantheon Macroeconomics, said that the expectation for 180,000 new positions in February was very high since the figures at […]
1. Create an Attracting Facebook profile. A person who knows you, likes you and believes you is also willing to hear about your business. Your profile provides the psychological identity that what you are. when you use your profile picture use your professionalism what you intend to choose. Use your cover image to give people […]

Trump’s Immigration News

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On February 26, 2019
Trump and Immigration  American President Donald Trump once again unveiled the intention of the talented people to come to their country.. Referring to the issue of immigrants on this occasion, He said that illegal immigrants are a threat to the country. The H1-B visa allows US companies to hire foreign workers in some skilled trades. […]
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