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Life – The Boat Of Many Holes.


Life is a challenge face it. We get many problems in our life but do not get terrified move forward like a river. Its water does not go back. Life is also like a boat. We do not know while boating water may come inside to drown us however we should control the water and boat. Remember no one leads , except you. This poem manifests how to lead in the trouble times.

       “The  Boat Of Many Holes
       The  Reckless Sailor That I am
      You  Have Set Up On Oceans  Of  Hurdles
     Plugging The Holes  With Your Pain Full Days
          But At Last, 
         ‘I” Hoisted The Flag Of Hope”.
   The Sail Is Tron, The Mast Is Broken
   The Rudder Has Gone  Asunder
   This Boat Powered Only By My Longing To Shore
   Navigated By The Grace Of My Deposit Hidden Hope
   This Rickety Boat Held Together Only By My Heart
         Strings Which Filled By Burning Blood”.


                                                   B.KARTHEEK VIGNAN
                                                    ECE-D IIIrd YEAR.                    

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