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How To Earn Money Without Working


Surprise Work to Earn Money

It is very surprising to hear that you can earn money without working. In many cases even people work hard in organizations they do not get proper salary for their work. The management cuts down their salaries and rob their sweat. Here it is peculiar to hear that you are earning money with out doing any business or employment. However, if you have thought of spending your days getting paid to do literally, whatever you want then it sounds appealing to you and really a new job opportunity in Sweden may be the perfect fit as they are going to give the salary without any work. that has no difficulty and nothing to work as the government is providing 17.2 million jobs that are paid by the Swedish Experimental Art Project. Go to the details

Swedish Government Job Offer

The Swedish government is building a railway station in the Korsvägen area in Gothenburg. It has decided to appoint employees and those who are employed here do not have any work. Just take the duty and press the button at the clock at the station. The bulbs fitted there are illuminated. Then the employee will not have any work. Come back and come back .. You can sit vacant at the station and lie down. But after the duty is completed the button should go off and go home. This job can be done for a number of days. in other words, the selected employee, who will receive a salary as well as employee benefits such as vacation days and a pension, will report to the Korsvägen train station in Gothenburg, Sweden, every morning to punch a clock, which will turn on a set of fluorescent lights.

The designers were inspired by economist Thomas Piketty, who claimed that return on capital grows faster than average wage increases in advanced countries. In effect, the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

Goldin and Senneby Bonanza Offer

Goldin and Senneby (Goldin+Senneby is the collaborative duo of artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby. They worked together under this name since 2004 and are based in Stockholm. They explore juridical, financial and spatial constructs through notions) said and the virtualized the project is financially feasible because we live in a society where “money pays better than work.” As such, the artists plan to set up a foundation to oversee the long-term investment of 6 million Swedish krona (about $633,000) the sum of the prize money which granted by the Public Art Agency Sweden and the Swedish Transport Administration as part of the competition.

Capital gains from the investment will fund the employee’s salary for at least 120 years, according to the artists’ estimates. The salary, pension and holidays granted with the position match those of an average public sector employee, according to the project. It indicates a historical shift in the relationship between return on capital and wages.

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