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Mohammed Ashraf Ali is an associate professor at an Engineering college, Motivational Speaker, skilled blogger and article writer who also has the experience of writing website content for various international companies. He prefers working with small start-ups and individual blog owners as it allows the flow and share of creative ideas more direct and effective. However, He has also successfully completed several projects with some high-profile clients at Upwork. His educational background in English Language & Literature executes it easier to transform even the most complex themes into a simple flow of words. He is a quick learner, has good research skill, and the ability to write from scramble and scratch where he develops resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.

USA Jobs

In News Today
On April 15, 2019
USA Jobs Search is a fantasy Jobs in the USA is really a great dream and a fantasy to many people all over the world. USA is a magnet which attracts everyone. People want to work in USA considering it is very prestigious to stay in this great nation, in reality, the pay is also […]
The entire world is rounding to make money as the earth is rounding the sun. Every man wants money. Money makes the man is cent percent right in today’s generation. Gone were the days since people gave more value to human relationships. Friends this blog brings you a good amount if you follow these principles […]
               Life is a challenge face it. We get many problems in our life but do not get terrified move forward like a river. Its water does not go back. Life is also like a boat. We do not know while boating water may come inside to drown us however we should control the water […]
It is clearly visible that the USA president Trump ignored India. However, Trump and many of his senior aides were engaged with a high summit and high stake with North Korea. It was the most serious fight between the South Asian nuclear-armed rivals in decades. The Trump administration as a superpower only tried to benefit […]
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